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On Wednesday 27th January we had our weekly outdoor PE session involving the Parachute.  The children along with the ladies all held a handle around the outside of the Parachute.  We started by Sarah adding a Bean Bag to the Parachute and everyone had to move the parachute to help the bean bag get down the hole in the middle of it.  After a few minutes we managed, and I added a second bag but for some reason they seem to be attracted to each other which was harder to get down the middle, but we all persevered, and we got them down the hole. I upped the ante and added a third bag and the same happened again and all 3 bags were together.  Jackie kept separating them, but they kept coming back together.  Again, we persevered and got the bean bags down the hole.   

The next activity we did, I called out a child’s name and they had to run under the parachute to the other person I told them to go to, by the end the children were all in different places.  When we do Ring a Roses, we are usually holding each other’s hands, but we did this with the parachute instead along with Jelly on the Plate and Sausages in the Pan. 

Jackie suggested about moving the Parachute in different ways, so the parachute changed to the River Tweed.  We started off in the hills where it follows as a stream, the children were moving the parachute slowly and gently.  As we moved down the river the children started to move the parachute faster and bigger arm movements until we reached Spittal and the North Sea. 

Before we finished everyone got a hold of the parachute and we moved it up and down getting faster and after I counted to 3 the children had to let go and run into the middle underneath the parachute which they thought was great fun.