School Lunches & Snacks


The setting promotes a healthy lifestyle and believes in starting young.  Every child is eligible for free milk at snack time, we also provide cups of water.  Snacks are provided by parents: 1 piece of fruit or veg for each session (staff do not mind peeling apples etc).  If your child stays for all day sessions they will need 2 snacks, 1 for the morning session and 1 for afternoon session.  Such snacks could include a piece of fruit, veg or breadsticks.

Please tell us if your child has any dietary needs and we will make sure these are met.

Example Snacks

School Lunches

Red Balloon offer school dinners which are served from Tweedmouth West Schools canteen hall. These are available each day Monday-Friday at £2.10 per day and can be paid for at the main Tweedmouth West Schools reception.

Here is a copy of the School Dinner Menu which is on offer at the present time.

School Dinner Menu – March 19.  Click on this link for further information  Nursery Winter Menu 2018

School Dinner Menu – May 19, this will start on Monday 13th May.  Click on this link for further information Summer Menu Nursery 2019

Alternately children can take a healthy packed lunch from home. 

 Example School Lunch