A Typical Day at Red Balloon

Everyday is different at Red Balloon, by initiating learning and play it helps the children to have fun and develop.

8.45am – Collection of Child from the Red Balloon Gate at Front of the School

8.50am – Children Freeplay (Children are free to play in the different play areas)

9.40am – Time for Tidying before Toilet Time and Snack

10.15am – Outdoor learning & playtime

11.00am – Carpet Time when we carry out group activities and learn our Sound of the Week

11.15am – Lunch (Packed lunch or school dinner in the school canteen)

11.45am – Morning pickup / Afternoon drop off (Children Freeplay)

1.30pm – Tidy Up for Snack Time and Toilet Time

2.00pm – Outdoor Play

2.30pm – Storytime or Singalong (Group activity initiating learning & play) and learning our Sound of the Week

2.45pm – Afternoon pick up

We have changed our Opening Hours due to Covid and by request of the School with it being too busy at the Front of the School at Drop Off and Home Time.